Our Story

Represented by a symbol that embodies strength, intelligence, and longevity, the Elephant Group was once only a vision of the innovative company it is today. In 1996, Benzion Aboud decided to turn this vision into a reality.
The Elephant Group rapidly grew as a multi-dimensional, direct marketing company. Combining advanced technical knowledge and forward thinking, talented professionals with years of marketing expertise have utilized innovative technology to successfully create diverse business channels.

Our Success

The unprecedented growth can be attributed to an in-depth understanding of what drives a consumer to purchase. Understanding how consumers think and behave is critical to the success of The Elephant Group. Guided currently by an executive team with over 100 years of consumer-driven business experience, The Elephant Group has amassed a group of interactive marketing and contact center professionals with the ambition and enthusiasm to become leaders in the industry.

Our Brands

Qology DirectQology is a performance based marketing company built on the principles of forward thinking and innovative technology. Partnerships with nation-wide brand names and strategic processes are used to create the demand that propels a buying cycle lead by innovative marketing initiatives. Paid search, search engine optimization, lead generation and a host of other marketing solutions are combined to create a platform that directs the flow of information from major brand names to consumer.
Saveology.comSaveology is an e-commerce platform designed to offer consumers discounts on varying products and services. Utilizing a platform consisting of direct email and direct-to-consumer marketing, Saveology is able to offer consumers, including those garnered through other Elephant Group entities, substantial savings in consumer goods, travel, magazines and dining.

TechzillaTechzilla is a one-stop shop for all tech solutions providing a range of tech services that support the evolving needs of consumers and small businesses using today’s technology. An experienced team of customer support agents are available around the clock to help troubleshoot issues remotely or at a Techzilla retail store. Techzilla store agents troubleshoot, repair, and sell many of today’s technology devices and brands on site, in addition to providing options to guide customers in purchase decision-making. The ultimate experience in personalized tech support with dedicated tech agents assigned to customer accounts is provided through Techzilla’s signature concierge service.

The primary focus of EG Performance is to assist companies in enhancing the value of their customer relationships and deliver consistent consumer experiences across all channels within the contact center environment. EG Performance is committed to helping clients balance the ever-changing need of increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing overall cost using an optimal mix of contact center personnel, technology, and analytics.



Located in sunny south Florida, our main offices are a tribute to creativity and innovation. Amongst a koi pond, a marmoset exhibit, and exotic birds are the workspaces that promote unique ideas. Employees can brainstorm while shooting hoops or teeing off on the putting green and then come together to toss ideas back and forth under the stars and planets in the galaxy-themed conference room.


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